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  1. 17/07/2011 6:54 PM

    We are hoping that in the centenary of the expedition this may prove to be a useful resource for school projects. If you would like to share this we would appreciate it. It probably makes sense to refer people to the main page

  2. 27/07/2011 10:46 AM


    We have been passed the details of your website and the amazing information that it contains. You have meticulously transcribed the document for future generations to benefit from. To enable greater exposure, we have placed your website on our website ( ‘News’. In this centenary year, our website gets many hundreds of ‘hits’ each day, so this will assist in raising the profile of your website. I have annotated that the document remains the property of Stanley Taylor’s family and their descendants for your copyright purposes.

    • 27/07/2011 10:42 PM

      Thank you Rosie,
      That is wonderful. I will reciprocate by adding your site to our small link section. In fact I have copied over most of your link section as well. I hope this is OK.

  3. Heather Rossiter permalink
    28/08/2011 4:51 PM

    On p.1, the descriptor beneath the map should read Australasian [not Australian] Antarctic Exped… This title honours the financial contribution of the NZ govt. and the fact that the project originated with the Australasian Association for the Advancement of Science.

    Despite that minor hiccup, this diary is a great contribution to the public record.

    • 31/08/2011 9:54 PM

      Being NZ born I have used the correct title everywhere, I thought, except where it is transcription of Stan’s words as he generally referred to it as the Australian Antarctic Exploring Expedition which not only hogs the glory for Oz but also sounds reminiscent of other “exploring expeditions” which it had nothing to do with.

      • 03/09/2011 11:33 AM

        Hoo-bloody-ray! I worked it out. It was the tag line.
        At first I could not find where the error was you referred to and then I saw it was the tagline on the header of every page. Now I have finally worked out how to edit that. Fixed.

  4. Louise Crossley permalink
    27/10/2011 3:58 PM

    This is an amazing record; and a fascinating parallel to Bert Lincoln’s diary of the same voyage – what an extraordinary coincidence; makes one wonder if there are any more such accounts? I have an enduring interest in the AAE and especially Aurora’s part in it under Captain J K Davis (I have edited his Antarctic journals, ‘Trail by Ice’ published by Bluntisham books, UK, 1997). I would love to learn more about Stan’s previous and later career in steam/sail, why he signed on for the voyage (I note his family lived in Launceston?).
    Could you contact me directly at for further discussion. I live in Hobart and am heading to Antarctica in December as polar history guide/lecturer on one of the ships re-enacting the Aurora’s AAE voyages, and would love to be able to quote some of Stan’s experiences.

  5. Irene Gale permalink
    18/01/2012 11:42 PM

    Hello Louise. The family lived in Melbourne for most of their lives, with a few years in Sydney early on. The Launceston link was a family of friends, and it sounds as though ‘Kit’ was a special person in that family in Dad’s eyes. 🙂 He met Mum in Melbourne after the trip and they were married in 1916.

  6. Allie Dawe permalink
    09/07/2012 11:13 PM

    Reading Stan’s diary takes me back to my fascination, in the 1970’s, in Edward Wilson and his wonderful drawings and watercolours in Antarctica. My excitement has not abated. Every detail of Stan’s diary is a joyful discovery of the fascinating men in the age of discovery. Many thanks

  7. Amber permalink
    18/12/2012 11:51 PM

    I see that Stanley mentioned in his account that photographs of all the crew were taken in Hobart before the ship headed off. Does anyone have a copy of such photo? I would be most interested to see it, my great grandfather Arthur Maxfield ( Stanley mispells it as Maxwell early on) was on board

  8. 07/05/2013 4:52 PM

    My brother recommended I would possibly like this website.

    He used to be totally right. This publish truly made my day.
    You can not imagine just how so much time I had spent for this information!

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