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Below are a selection of family photographs from the voyage of the Steam Yacht Aurora and later life of Stan Taylor and his family. Unfortunately some of the originals are in quite poor condition and we do not yet know the names of many of the people in the photos. If anyone is able to identify any of the people in these images we would welcome that information.

2 of the crew by SpearLily

Two crewmen on board the Steam Yacht Aurora.

3 of the crew by SpearLily
Three of the crew on board the S.Y. Aurora.
in the blizzard by SpearLily

Half disappearing among the ice and snow in Adelie Land.

on board the 'Aurora' by SpearLily

A relaxed moment on board the S.Y. Aurora.

2 crewmen by SpearLily

Two of the crewmen on board the S.Y. Aurora.

Stan 4 by SpearLily

Stan Taylor, this image was taken in a studio arround the time of the start of the voyage.

unknown event by SpearLily

Possibly taken at farewell event in Hobart?
tricky view by SpearLily
A tricky photo – again Hobart perhaps?.
4 men on bikes by SpearLily

Four party members on bikes, perhaps taken in Hobart?

Dad on Buff at Pt Melbourne Stan Taylor Snr2 by SpearLily

Stan Taylor on his horse Buff at Pt Melbourne in the 1930s.

Part of family c 1936 by SpearLily

Some of Stan & Edith’s family taken about 1936. Stan at back right.

engagement photo by SpearLily

Engagement photo of Stan Taylor and Edith Tilley three years after Antarctic voyage.

Stan Taylor by SpearLily

Stan Taylor later in life.

Dad's penguin display by SpearLily

Emperor penguin and other birds and shells brought back from the trip by Stan Taylor. A muff and stole made from the skin of a another penguin has been loaned to the Victorian Museum. Stole – Emperor Penguin, Stanley Taylor, circa 1913

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